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EU regulation No 68/2013. Glossary of processes. No 28

PIGLETS. Purpose of its application PROBISAN SWINE is highly indicated in the stage of weaning, since at this stage of life their digestive system is still in development. That is why the ingestion of PROBISAN SWINE is basic in their early days in order to optimize the development of their bacterial flora in intestines. Moreover, this will also help them to have less dietary disorders so that they can generate future fattening swine with superior growth qualities. In case of weaning with breast-feeders, our micronized product can be used instead (PROBISAN SWINE UM).


-With milk-based feed, 5 kgs./1 mt. of feed

-With pre-starter feed, 3 kgs./1 mt. of feed.

-With starter feed, 1.5 kg./1 mt. of feed.