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EU regulation No 68/2013.
Glossary of processes. No 28

RABBIT BREEDING. Purpose of its application

The transmission of the set of lactic bacteria with the characteristic genetics of the mother to the breeding rabbit is fundamental. The baby animals are born basically sterile and need to be linked to the micro-organisms of the mother, both by contact in the delivery and by assumption through the milk and content of the colostrum.

This is essential so that the animals have a full digestive capacity, allowing them to make better use of the nutrients, and therefore be able to eat before, grow more improving the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and above all to stimulate their immune defences that help them to be healthier, and in turn to reduce their drug intake, mainly antibiotics, to protect themselves and cure diseases.

With the application of the product in mother rabbits, the flora in their digestive system is regenerated, which not only is good for the animal itself, but also will be transmitted to its piglets. In fact, PROBISAN is highly indicated in the stage of suckling.

In addition, this strengthening will contribute to a good control of constipations, which is precisely necessary after bringing forth, where they usually appear.


– In pre-gestation feeds, during gestation and postpartum, it is generally recommended to dose 1 kg. per tonne of animal’s usual feed.