Presented our work research line of design and development of postbiotics products before the European Commission within the H2020 Programme SME Instrument it was selected in 2nd phase in the call of April 14, 2016 within the topic of Sustainable Food Security, under reference European project H2020 under the SME instrument with Ref. 733627 –  HEALTHSTOCK SMEINST-2-2016.

This European support has meant the financial support from the European Union with the objective, within a maximum period of 2 years, of implementing new labour standards, new innovative products and know-how techniques on the markets involving not only economic and technological improvements, but also social and environmental issues, both in Europe and in third countries outside the EU.

As an example of this, the European Union is deeply concerned about the indirect effects on human health caused by the ingestion of meat and agricultural products that have affected the genetic behaviour of humans, creating different diseases, variations of cancer, and enhancing certain symptoms that had had a minor incidence so far.

Our project has perfectly matched this concern because, as a result of the new policy of the European Union, regulations are made on a drastic reduction in the preventive application of antibiotics in animal feed, from which it seems that most of the problems of acquired immunodeficiency in human beings derive.

In fact, from January 1, 2017, it is applying regulatory measures that pretend that antibiotic have to disappear as preventive treatments included in food formulations of animals, no matter the species. This is why a product like ours is so important; it is not only capable of naturally improving the use of nutrients to create healthier and potentially more productive animals, but also of stimulating the immune defences of animals to improve their health and therefore human health.

“The main objective of our development is to improve the digestibility of animals to enhance their productive capacity, stimulate their immune defenses and reduce the preventive application of antibiotics”.

Within the scope of this project, collaboration agreements were established with different technological centres, universities, nutrition specialists, companies, etc., of international scope, the AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA ̶ UAB (EU) with its technological centre IRTA-CRESA, the UNIVERSITY OF ZHEJIANG (CH), the UNIVERSITY OF VALENCIA (EU), the UNIVERSITY OF DAKOTA DEL SUR (U.S.A.)……….. and other various agreements in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Morocco.

These trials were carried out in the different animal species, and confirmed the results of our postbiotics in productive and health aspects.

In fact, several scientific papers have already been done, stating that. We detail the ones already made:

• 25th International Pig Veterinary Society Congress (IPVS). 11-14 June Chongqing (CHI).
INGULADOS RESEARCH LTD. in collaboration with the University of Surrey (UK-EU)
Supplementation with PROBISAN reduces morbidity and mortality caused by Lawsonia intracellularis”.

• American Dairy Science Association Annual Meeting (ADSA) 24-27 June Knoxville Tennessee (USA)
Influence of a lactic acid bacteria and yeast-based postbiotic product (Probisan®) on the performance of pre-weaned newborn calves.

• American Dairy Science Association Annual Meeting (ADSA) 24-27 June Knoxville Tennessee (USA)
SOUTH DAKOTA UNIVERSITY Selected as Late Breaking Abstract
Lactic acid bacteria and yeast-based postbiotic boosts the immune system in dairy heifer calves

These trials and their results are already available on this website for consultation by interested experts.

Our work is being supervised by the NATIONAL CENTRE FOR TECHNOLOGY AND FOOD SECURITY (CNTA) in Spain, which also establishes the quality control and PPCs in the manufacturing processes.

Certification of the complete manufacturing and marketing process is  GMP+ available., and international expansion has already begun in different markets.