PROBISAN, is the product resulting from transforming by a fermentation industrial process the structure of a certain culture of lactic bacteria and yeast, to generate a new structure formed by byproducts derived from the previous one, metabolites, is what is now known as POSTBIOTIC.

Due to its behavior, it greatly benefits animal health, achieving the dual objective enhancing the productive results of farms and reducing the preventive application of medicines, mainly antibiotics.

The resulting metabolites are linked to a vegetable substrate. It`s only after the ingestion of this substrate when the action of the postbiotic in the digestive system starts. Such action is carried out by metabolites (among others, organic acids such as lactic and acetic acids and various B vitamins). These metabolites are generated during the successive liquid, solid, aerobic and anaerobic fermentations to which the product is subjected.

Its appearance, feed materials and registration are in accordance with the current Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1017 on the Catalogue of feed materials, Glossary of processes, No 28.

Its uniqueness lies in its high efficiency determined by the chemical profile obtained after the fermentation process, in addition to the positive effect on the metabolism, encourage the regeneration and growth of the own microflora in the digestive tract of the animals, generating digestive and immunological improvements.

This technology allows those changes after the various fermentations to which we subject the different microorganisms, endow the product with capacity to be able to adhere to the intestinal mucosa acting as a barrier that controls pathogenic bacteria, improving through of a greater animal health, stimulation of the immune system, productivity, and feed conversion.


The product has a polyvalent general acting character, which allows a more complete influence on the microflora of the digestive tract than that of the usual probiotics of monovalent type. However, in order to enrich and enhance the performance of different types of animals, other elements and raw materials can be added.

It can be granulated or micronized without affecting the yield, and it does not need a period of suppression. Because of its nature, PROBISAN does not imply any risk of contamination in the feed chain, which avoids resistances and other negative influences.

It´s a product whose industrial manufacturing process and its commercialization have GMP + certification.