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EU regulation No 68/2013.
Glossary of processes. No 28

RUMINANTS. GROWTH AND FATTENING. Purpose of its application

Due to stress caused by weaning or the transfer to other facilities ̶ among the most frequent problems of fattening ruminants, ̶ there is a delay in the beginning of their feeding in the proper conditions to obtain the desired growth weights.

In turn, after weaning, the beginning of their food and fodder ingestion is often complicated because it generates digestive disorders to ruminants at an early age.

With the intake of PROBISAN in the growth and fattening of these animals their ruminal function is improved, which contributes to the fact that episodes of digestive origin ̶ tympanism, acidosis, laminitis, etc.̶ do not lead to serious problems, this digestive stability is obtained even with the intake of high energetic feed.

By making better use of nutrients, PROBISAN prepares the animal to be able to obtain faster growth and fattening and reduce conversion rates, in addition to obtaining better and larger canal stock.

Dosage in calves

– When starting with calves of grazing, it is recommended to add 3 kg. per tonne of compound feed for an average period of two weeks.

– After that, the recommended doses are of 1 kg. per tonne of compound feed until they reach the desired weight.

Dosage for cows
– The dosage for adult fattening is kept in 1 kg./mt.

Dosage in lambs and kids
– The dosage is similar for lambs and sheep:1 kg./mt of compound feed.

Dosage in sheep and coats
– We keep the dosage: 1 kg./mt of compound feed.