In the food market there is a great concern among consumers caused by the lack of knowledge of the origin of food and the side effects that certain types of products cause in people’s health.

Research has shown that the continuous intake of certain food products can lead to serious illnesses; even in some societies life expectancy has been reduced because of a poor diet.

Nowadays, in any type of food, whether vegetables, meat or precooked food, the consumer demands to know the origin, and above all, the treatment given to the products they are going to eat. To a large extent, the decision to purchase it or not is given by this factor.


This situation, in the field of animal feed, has caused the review of many aspects such as the conditions of animal shedding or the ban of some growth stimulators of hormone type, antibiotics or bactericides.

Also the legislation tends to protect the final quality of the product, requiring manufacturers to establish traceability of any food and banning some substances whose effects may be harmful for health.