2016.  INDUSTRIAL DOCTORATE, economic support made by the Dept. of Industry, Energy and Innovation of the Government of Navarre to promote the performance of doctoral theses that help to enhance approaches and future developments of companies whose profile fits with the strategy of economic development of Navarre, in this case, health economics.


2016.   The 2nd phase of the H2020 Programme SME is assigned by the European Commission as a support to the project whose main objective is to gradually reduce the preventive application of antibiotics in animal feeding.


2015. Regional finalist of the PREMIOS EMPRENDEDOR SIGLO XXI (21ST CENTURY ENTREPRENEUR AWARDS). That was the ninth edition of this convocation. A total of 22 Navarre companies took part in it.


2015. The 1stphase of the H2020 Programme SME Instrument is assigned by the European Commission.The objective of this Project was to support the commercial and research development of already consolidated projects that have characteristics capable of providing solutions and expectations of improvement under European topics, in this case, Sustainable Food Security.


2015.  SME Innovative award of Bantec. The objective of this award to Pentabiol is to recognize the business development of projects of this nature to encourage their presentation as innovative projects to the European Commission SME Instrument H2020.


2014. Awarded by the initiative Acción Impulso Emprendedor (entrepreneurship action impulse) of the European Business and Innovation Centre of Navarre (CEIN) as one of the companies with innovative projects in Navarre, sponsored by Mondragon Corporation.


2014.  Animal Nutrition Research Project of the characterisation of enzymatic indices to improve the functions of the digestive system, and antioxidants for the improvement of the immune system, granted by ADITECH, under the supervision of the National Centre for Technology and Food Safety CNTA.

Sello ModernaGNWEB

2013. The MODERNA SEAL of the GOVERNMENT OF NAVARRE, awarded by the Modern Foundation of the Dept. of Economy, Finance, Industry and Employment of the Government of Navarre acknowledging the alignment of business projects with the strategy of Navarre’s economic development in the three priority areas: green economy, health economy and talent economy.